Western International Exhibition Company

West  International Exhibition Co. Ltd., is a set of exhibition contractors, conference planning organization, festival event operations, event management, exhibition advertising, brand marketing, exhibition facilities for the integrated professional exhibition suppliers (service). 

The company was founded in 2013, the headquarters is located in Xi'an District of Qujiang Industrial Park, adjacent to the Xi'an exhibition, Qujiang International Exhibition Center, International Conference Center, the company's own high-end office space of 1000 square meters, the company's culture and also has a floating land Xinlu decoration two subsidiaries.

The Western China International Exhibition was founded four years ago, the introduction of mergers and acquisitions, held by independent, to the end of 2016, has "China (Xi'an) electronic commerce Expo", "Chinese Western e-commerce development conference", "Chinese Western Logistics Industry Expo", "western Chinese Aging Industry Expo", "China Western brand products Expo", the Eurasian Economic Forum Silk Road Exhibition hit off the contest and Exhibition project. According to the company's strategic planning, in 2017 there will be a number of exhibition project organized by the project is currently being planned. 

Planning operations in the above exhibition outside the core, the company and its subsidiaries have the "Silk Road exposition and itefcewc", "Yangling Agricultural High Tech Expo", "Eurasian Economic Forum" and other large brand exhibition venues and outdoor advertising operation rights, and has continued for many years.

As a new type of exhibition industry leader enterprises in West China, western international exhibition planning and operation "The Belt and Road exhibition innovation cooperation platform, platform to build the Silk Road Exhibition cooperation platform to promote the integration of capital talent project" for the purpose and objective, since the start of 2015, has achieved initial results, a number of exhibition project company is to attract cooperation through the innovation platform for cooperation and common planning operation of these projects to achieve the effective integration of talent capital projects through the platform, the exhibition industry, innovation and development along the Silk Road city of the exhibition industry to explore the practice of.

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